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My time at HFG: Hannah Holden

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In our 'My time at HFG' series, we ask our employees how it has been settling into life at HFG to gain a better understanding of the challenges our staff face and the aspects they most enjoy!

Next up is Hannah Holden who joined HFG’s Underwriting, Claims & Broking team as an Associate Consultant in September 2023.

Rate your onboarding experience. Were there any particularly helpful or challenging parts of training?

My onboarding experience was positive. The whole office was welcoming, provided the support I needed whilst learning and created a space where I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

How has your previous work experience and qualifications helped?

I previously recruited for the underground coal mining industry in Australia. This provided me with the foundations for recruitment as I was familiar with candidate and client relationships and managing a positive and effective recruitment process.

Although these skills have helped my transition to HFG, I’m learning more about the insurance industry on a weekly basis and adapting to UK business culture.

What aspects of the role do you find most fulfilling?

I find building relationships with candidates very fulfilling. It’s a nice feeling when individuals ask for career advice and support, trusting that you keep their best interests and goals in mind while finding them a new role.

How would you describe the company culture & work environment?

Everyone at HFG is passionate about their work and has the drive to succeed, whilst celebrating the successes of others around them. It’s a positive environment with an emphasis on teamwork and there is a great balance between hard work and light-hearted banter around the office.

How do you maintain a healthy work life balance?

After moving to London from Australia there is plenty to keep me occupied outside of work! Maintaining a social life, seeing friends and enjoying what London has to offer is important to me alongside a busy work schedule during the week.

Is insurance recruitment what you expected?

Although I had an idea what to expect, insurance recruitment has surprised me with the vast variation of roles and the number of niche positions we recruit for.

This is something I find particularly interesting as it not only teaches me more about the functions of the classes within the industry, but allows me to find new and creative ways to source candidates that are perfect to fill each vacancy.

What is to come at HFG?

I’m looking forward to a promising career in recruitment and hoping to continue my learning and development within the insurance industry. Fingers crossed there will be plenty of placements to come and plenty of careers changed for the better along the way!