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My time at HFG: Ishi Malde

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​In our 'My time at HFG' series, we ask our employees how it has been settling into life at HFG to gain a better understanding of the challenges our staff face and the aspects they most enjoy!

Next up is Ishi Malde, who like our previous guest Ben, is an Associate Consultant within our GI Actuarial team.

Rate your onboarding experience. Were there any particularly helpful or challenging parts of training?

Joining HFG in November was a huge step for me as working a full-time job, in the City, from being a university student was a transition I did not expect to make so soon.

My colleagues however, facilitated a comfortable transition, warmly welcoming me to the company / team.

In my first few weeks, I was taken on lots of meetings to broaden my knowledge which I felt was incredibly helpful, as part of training. I was able to observe the way my colleagues work and learn about the market through their discussions, rather than studying it online!

How has your previous work experience and qualifications helped?

I joined the non-life actuarial team, after a year of studying Actuarial Science and a little experience in actuarial recruitment, which I did remotely during that year. This provided me with a detailed understanding of the sector prior to joining.

I entered the field of recruitment eager to gain practical experience and develop skills that I believe can only be acquired through a work environment. So far, I am learning so much and my colleagues Jake, Jono, Rhianne, Ben and Will have been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout this journey.

What aspects of the role do you find most fulfilling?

I find networking with candidates both rewarding and enjoyable as it provides opportunities to connect with diverse professionals and expand my knowledge of the industry, in general.

How would you describe the company culture & work environment?

The work environment is reassuring, creating a comfortable atmosphere where I feel at ease asking questions and sharing a laugh.

The work social events have also been great, providing an amazing balance, especially during the more challenging moments.

How do you maintain a healthy work life balance?

Surprisingly, I don’t struggle with the long shifts at work as I know I am able to catch a break if I need, whether that be going on a short walk or breaking up the day with coffee meetings.

Is insurance recruitment what you expected?

Personally, my first few months have been an interesting and thrilling experience, offering insights into the nature of the industry as a whole and not just the actuarial aspect of it. It has been both challenging and invigorating to learn about the fast-paced world of insurance recruitment and I'm optimistic about the future!