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My time at HFG: Max Broughton

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In our 'My time at HFG' series, we ask our employees how it has been settling in to life at HFG in order to gain a better understanding of the challenges our staff face and the aspects they most enjoy!

Our next guest is Max Broughton, who recently completed an internship at HFG.

"​After arriving at HFG as a University student completing an internship, the whole team has been welcoming, friendly and always willing to help. As someone not only new to recruitment, but new to working in an office environment, the internship was daunting at first, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the City. This is thanks to the supportive environment of the office, which has helped me learn so much about both recruitment and the insurance industry.

My role began with administrative work, providing me with a fundamental understanding of how the office runs and how the recruitment process works. As time went on working with the finance team, the work only became more enjoyable and fast paced, as I began contacting candidates about job opportunities. As I enhanced my skills and understanding, I can see the role becomes more rewarding with time and there is a sense of disappointment leaving after such a short visit!

Outside of the office, the social aspect has been great. Having the annual actuarial football tournament in my first week was a great way to get to know some of the team, and what an exhilarating run it was to retain the trophy! Having a couple of drinks with colleagues after a day of work was also a great way to settle into the office and build relationships and is something I will certainly miss!

In summary, my time at HFG has been a fantastic learning experience which has benefited me greatly for my future career."​