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​As part of HFG’s ongoing sponsorship of the Insurance Insider, we recently sponsored Insider Progress’ webinar entitled ‘Challenging Perceptions: Embracing Disability and Neurodiversity.’

About this webinar:This session was an open conversation about disability and neurodiversity in order to bridge the accessibility gap by raising awareness and global standards.  The discussion surrounded how companies can create a supportive environment for disabled and neurodiversity employees so they can build a more inclusive workspace.

Discussion includes:

– Discussing the barriers faced by disabled and neurodiverse employees in the workplace – what are the common pitfalls that can be avoided, are there any areas which need more awareness?
– How companies and individuals can translate awareness around accessibility into action
– Leveraging technology to create accessible workplaces
– Recruitment practices – how can we make recruitment more inclusive from an accessibility standpoint?
– Embracing the skillsets and challenges faced by neurodiverse people


– Lars Backstrom, ZIP Claims Data and Process Analyst, Zurich
– Chris Evans, ZIP Head of Claims Performance & Analytics, Zurich
– Sally Hooper, Get Inclusive Manager, Scope
– Lauri O’Neill, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – UK and EMEA, AIG

To watch the webinar, click here.